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ARCIA committee annual planning days 2021

Each year in February, the ARCIA committee get together to plan out our priorities and activities for the coming year. By regularly meeting like this and setting our targets, the Association has been achieving many of our goals.

With COVID-19 still creating travel concerns within Australia, the committee decided that for 2021 we will have several “mini-hubs” in different cities, linked by a Zoom-type platform, to work through our annual plans. From Wednesday 27th January, 2021, there will be five planning sessions (approx. 2-3 hours each) held weekly, to work out plans for the coming year. The first two sessions have been held already with some good results achieved so far.

Listed below is the draft agenda for the five planning sessions:

  1. Royal Commission response: to formulate our submission in response to a couple of topics from the Royal Commission recommendations. In particular, our suggestions on interoperability options for radio systems, and also our comments on PSMB and the way ahead
  2. Training skills matrix: review the content of the matrix and develop training resource options to meet the skills requirement
  3. Professional Development Training: plans for the coming year and events discussion
  4. The transition from LMR to LTE/5G and future trends
  5. Marketing plans, website, accreditation promotion and membership

If you would like to be involved in these discussions, please make contact with us through our website or contact a committee member for information.