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AA Radio Services Pty Ltd (member since July 2009)View Detailsaccredited, nsw, act, sa, multi
Ace Communication Distributors (member since March 2011)View Detailsnt, wa, multi
ACT Emergency Service Agency - ICT (member since February 2019)View Details
Acubis Technologies (member since October 2013)View Detailsaccredited
Allied Security Management (member since September 2019)View Details
Anritsu Australia (member since February 2019)View Details
Applied Satellite Technology Australia (member since November 2017)View Details
Articulate Communications (member since November 2017)View Details
Australia Wide GPS & Radio Installations (member since July 2018)View Details
Australian Radio Communications Industry AssociationView Details
BAI Communications (member since April 2012)View Detailsaccredited, nsw
Barossa Communications (member since August 2020)View Details
Benelec (member since July 2009)View Detailsaccredited
BHP Group Limited (member since November 2019)View Details
Cambium Networks (member since March 2020)View Details
Capricorn Communications (member since April 2011)View Details
Challenge Networks (member since September 2016)View Details
Codan Communications (member since August 2011)View Details
Combined Communications (member since August 2011)View Detailsnsw
Commswest Distribution (member since July 2018)View Details
CommTel Network Solutions (member since July 2012)View Details
Comwide Communications (member since September 2009)View Details
Connect Communications & Electronics (member since June 2015)View Details
Countrylink Communications (member since July 2017)View Details
CPB Contractors (member since January 2020)View Details
Crest Queensland (member since August 2018)View Details
Crest Victoria (member since December 2017)View Details
CRS Accessories (member since July 2019)View Details
CSE Crosscom (member since July 2009)View Detailsaccredited, qld, nt, vic, wa, sa
CSE Tetracom (member since July 2009)View Details
Cubic Defence Australia (member since July 2019)View Detailsaccredited, qld
Damm Australia (member since September 2011)View Details
Datalink Technologies (member since July 2018)View Details
DB Telecommunications (member since December 2012)View Details
Defcon Technologies Group (member since May 2012)View Details
Department of Police, Fire & Emergency Management (member since May 2020)View Details
Digicom Wireless (member since April 2012)View Detailsaccredited
Direct Communications (member since September 2011)View Detailsaccredited
Diverse Services (WA) (member since March 2014)View Details
Earth 2 Ocean Communications (member since February 2019)View Details
Electrodata Group (member since June 2017)View Details
Ergon Energy (member since September 2014)View Details
Essential Communications Services (Was Waykat Services Pty Ltd) (member since December 2017)View Detailsaccredited
Fire and Rescue NSW (member since February 2019)View Details
First Class Electronic Services (member since August 2015)View Details
Frequency Plus Australia (member since January 2015)View Details
Future Engineering & Communication (member since February 2020)View Detailswa
Future Systems (Aust)(member since February 2014)View Details
Gambier Electronics (member since August 2013)View Details
Gencom Wireless Solutions (member since July 2008)View Detailsaccredited, nsw
GME - Standard Communications (member since July 2009)View Detailsaccredited
Goondiwindi Communications (member since March 2020)View Details
Gravelroad Group (member since July 2012)View Details
Griffins Leading Edge (member since March 2020)View Details
Hawkesbury River Rescue Inc (member since June 2018)View Details
HENNSOL Technologies (member since April 2019)View Details
High Country Communications (member since October 2010)View Details
Huber & Suhner (member since February 2014)View Details
Hyperion Telecommunications (member since March 2020)View Details
Hytera Communications Co (member since August 2013)View Details
Icom Australia (member since August 2010)View Details
IMPULSE Wireless (member since May 2020)View Details
ITS Communications (member since February 2013)View Details
JRD Communications (member since July 2009)View Detailsaccredited
JVC Kenwood Australia (member since July 2009)View Details
Kalibre (member since February 2019)View Details
Karera Communications (member since August 2011)View Detailsaccredited
Keysight Technologies (member since July 2016)View Details
Koinonia Enterprises (member since March 2020)View Detailsaccredited, nsw
L3Harris Technologies (member since July 2014)View Details
Logic Wireless (member since July 2009)View Details
M & K Wide Bay Electronics (member since May 2020)View Details
Marcom Watson (member since February 2015)View Details
Mastercom (member since July 2009)View Detailsaccredited, nsw
MCCall Communications (member since August 2011)View Details
MCS Digital (member since July 2009)View Detailsaccredited, vic
Measurement Innovation (member since March 2020)View Detailswa
Metwide Holdings (member since May 2015)View Details
Miles Electronics (member since March 2010)View Detailsaccredited, qld
Mobile Communications (QLD) (member since November 2016)View Details
Motorola Solutions Australia (member since January 2011)View Details
National Wireless (member since July 2009)View Details
Nexion Data Systems (member since November 2016)View Details
Nixon Communications (member since May 2010)View Detailsaccredited, qld
Norcomm (member since May 2020)View Details
North Swing (member since July 2016)View Details
Novaris (member since November 2018)View Details
NSW Rural Fire Service (member since May 2010)View Details
Omnitronics (member since September 2009)View Details
Orange Horizons (member since February 2011)View Details
Oricom International (member since October 2019)View Details
Pacific Wireless Communications (member since July 2009)View Details
Philcomm (member since October 2010)View Details
Press2Talk (member since June 2018)View Details
Prism-IPX Australia (member since February 2019)View Details
Queensland Communications (member since February 2014)View Details
Radio Industries Australia (member since December 2016)View Details
Radio Warehouse (member since July 2010)View Details
RadioComms2u (member since November 2018)View Details
Radlink Communications (member since October 2010)View Detailsaccredited, qld, wa, sa
Radspec Consultants (member since February 2014)View Details
RF Communications (Member since August 2015)View Details
RF Industries (member since September 2009)View Details
Ridmar Data Services (member since July 2009)View Details
SAT (member since July 2018)View Detailsaccredited
Schneider Electric Australia (member since July 2013)View Details
Sepura (member since September 2011)View Details
Signals NZ Limited (member since March 2020)View Details
Simoco Wireless Solutions (member since July 2009)View Detailsaccredited, vic
SLSNSW (member since July 2017)View Details
South Australian Government Radio Network (member since November 2014)View Details
South East Queensland UHF Emergency Team Inc (member since March 2020)View Details
Spectrum Engineering Australia (member since October 2009)View Details
STI Engineering (member since January 2012)View Details
Summit Internet (member since December 2019)View Details
Survey Technologies, Inc. (member since August 2013)View Details
SWCS Pty Ltd T/as Eacom Griffith (member since February 2010)View Details
Tait Communications (member since July 2009)View Detailsaccredited, qld, multi
Tamandua (member since March 2020)View Details
Telechnics (member since July 2009)View Detailsaccredited, nsw
TeleResources Engineering Australia (member since April 2011)View Details
Tellen (member since February 2019)View Details
Telstra (member since September 2009)View Detailsaccredited, qld, nt, vic, nsw, act, wa, sa, tas, multi
Titan ICT Consultants (member since March 2011)View Details
Tooo Air (member since September 2017)View Details
TPL Systems Asia Pacific (member since November 2016)View Details
TR (member since January 2018)View Details
TWR Technology (member since March 2020)View Details
UNICOM (member since January 2016)View Details
Vertical Telecoms (member since November 2009)View Details
Vic Comms (member since August 2020)View Details
Vicom Australia (member since July 2014)View Details
VKS-737 Radio Network (member since September 2013)View Details
W.A. Communications (member since July 2018)View Details
Watts Communications (member since June 2010)View Details
Westwick-Farrow (member since June 2011)View Details
Wireless Data Solutions (member since May 2017)View Details
Wireless Innovation (member since October 2016)View Details
Wireless Technology Group (member since July 2009)View Details
ZCG Scalar (member since August 2010)View Details
Zetron Australasia (member since July 2009)View Details