Become a member of ARCIA

ARCIA offers a range of membership categories to engage all levels of the wireless communications industry. Refer to the table below to determine which level of membership suits you or your organisation.

TypeDescriptionPricing per annum
(excluding GST)
AssociateThis membership is for organisations that support the industry or supply other services such as software or business tools to industry members.
Available to organisations not directly involved in the supply of wireless communications equipment or ancillaries.

Exclusions: Associate members are entitled to purchase up to three tickets to ARCIA events at membership rates, other tickets at standard rates. From time to time ARCIA may offer other promotional opportunities to Associate members on a casual basis.
CorporatePricing is dependent on number of employees.1-10 staff: $400
11-24 staff: $2,000
25+ staff: $6,500
Professional User OrganisationsFor institutions and other professional organisations that are not providers of radio communications products or services.
Examples: Professional users of radio communication equipment and services such as government, business, regulators, legislators and educators.
PersonalIndividuals, students, retirees and ex professionals.

Exclusions: Students must be undertaking a recognised course in radio communications or related area.
Individual: $120
Student: $15
Retired: $25
Public SafetyApplicable to individuals and organisations. This membership is relevant to ‘first responders’ and public safety organisations such as fire, police and ambulance.

Conditions: Individuals must be employed by a public safety organisation to apply.
First year complimentary.

How do I become a member?

If you would like to become an ARCIA member, please complete our membership form. Payment can be accepted by credit card, direct debit or invoice. Alternatively, if you would like to find out who is already a part of the ARCIA body, click here to view our corporate membership directory.