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On Friday 27th November, 2020, the annual ARCIA Industry Excellence Awards Presentation will be celebrated. This year it will involve a virtual event on the Zoom platform instead of at our regular Industry Gala Dinner, which has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The virtual awards event will include the regular awards, and the finalists for these are shown below.

The event will kick off at 4:00pm AEDST which is at 3:30pm in Adelaide, 3:00pm in Brisbane and 1:00pm in Perth. We hope that you will join us, either individually or as a group through your workplace or at a common location.

Registration and attendance details:

    • Please register ahead of the event here >>
    • If you are going to be watching with a group of people, you only need to register the device you will be using.
    • Please include your group details in the available fields in registration process.
    • You will receive an email confirming your registration and providing details for the event.
    • Use the link provided in this email to place a reminder in your calendar to join on the day.
    • We strongly recommend you join us online at least 15 minutes before we are scheduled to begin, to allow time to troubleshoot any connection concerns.
    • We expect the awards event will run for around 60 minutes. Register to attend today >>

ARCIA Annual Industry Excellence Awards 2020 Finalists

The industry award finalists are as follows:

  1. Professional Sales Award:
    • Vincent Weston – Tait Communications
    • Elisha Mc Cann – Karera
    • Matt Whalley – Radlink Communications
    • Adam Burridge – Simoco Wireless
  2. Customer Service Award:
    • Michael Stockey – Combined Communications
    • Edmond David – Motorola
    • Brian Humphry – Simoco Wireless
    • Alex Dalgliesh – Impulse Wireless
    • Nicole Blackwell – Telstra
  3. Engineering Excellence Award:
    • Ben Cosier – Impulse Wireless
    • Ash Hunter – Sepura
    • Daniel Chivell – Telstra
    • Wei Gong – Simoco Wireless
    • Scott Alford – RFI Wireless
  4. Technical Excellence Award:
    • Casper Fry – Simoco Wireless
    • Roger Williams – Telstra
    • Brayden Hall – Radlink Communications
    • Ricardo Raiti – CSE Crosscom
    • Paul Engler – Motorola
  5. Community Service Award:
    • Phil May – AA Radio & VICSES
    • Tony McTackett – Simoco Wireless
    • Trevor Lee – Karera
    • Justin Salisbury – Comwide Radio Services
  6. New Talent Award:
    • Aimee Zhang – Radio Warehouse
    • Kevin Vo – Simoco Wireless
    • Ben Martin – PBE Australia (WA Branch)
    • Peter Howell – PH Contracting
  7. Apprentice Awards:
    • Jai Gibson – Karera
    • Trung Tran – Radlink Communications

We look forward to the annual awards and the opportunity to recognise some of the wonderful people who work in our industry. Please join the Zoom event and support your peers. Register to attend today >>

    Join In The Fun With Kahoot! Trivia

    Gather your team, get the BBQ going, break out the drinks and join us to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of outstanding professionals in the radio communications industry for 2020. There will be an online trivia competition as part of the presentation, with a prize for the team that comes first. So get your thinking hats on and download the Kahoot! app onto a separate device to that of your video conference device, in preparation of the fun. Alternatively, you can join in the fun via the Kahoot! website. Sign up to Kahoot! today >>