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The radio communications industry is a vital and essential part of daily life in Australia, but as it happens without people realising or seeing radio in action, it is often overlooked in importance. Two critical applications include emergency services using radio communications to protect life and property and every major resource project in Australia relying heavily on radio communications for their daily operations.

Many believe that mobile phones have replaced the need for radio communications, and in some instances this may be the case. But in most radio applications there is a need for multiple parties to communicate and mobile phones are only designed for one–to–one communications. When you add the levels of redundancy that ‘mission– critical’ and ‘business–critical’ applications require, they are well beyond the normal mobile phone operating parameters.

As the voice of the radio communications industry, ARCIA members are heavily involved in providing essential communication tools, from safety communications for school excursions and local swimming pool lifeguards, to recreational and industrial users, major resource projects and the mining industry and government and emergency service areas. It is our members who supply, design, install and maintain these necessary communications links—we are the vital support network behind the essential services.

There is no doubt that the radio communications industry is like most other industries —it is the people who work in the industry that make it all happen. From engineers to technical apprentices, from management and consultants through to clerical support staff, our industry comprises of highly skilled people from all walks of life.

The radio industry offers many different working environments and we offer many essential services to our clients. By giving excellent support and providing strong benefits to our clients, we are a vital part of Australia’s economy. We encourage people to learn more about our industry, as we are now one of the leading proponents of ‘converged communications’ where the communications world merges with the Information Technology (IT) sector. It is the radio communications industry that is moving into the IT world and leading the way with equipment that is IP connected. Radio communications is an exciting and innovative industry, which is growing stronger each year.

ARCIA is continually striving to improve our industry and to enable rewarding careers for the thousands of people who work in the radio communications industry.

This Annual Report gives an overview of our Association and our industry. Download a copy here.