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ARCIA Continue to Build Relationship with the ACMA.

Late in June we were pleased to attend two events in conjunction with the visit of ACMA Field Operations staff to Perth.

On Thursday 30th June there was an event for the radio industry where the ACMA staff spoke on several topics, including illegal transmission devices, third-party authorisation of frequency use, and the conditions where UHF CB frequencies can be programmed into commercial radio units. The night was very informative and the details regarding UHF CB will be encapsulated into the new UHF CB Code of Conduct to be released by ARCIA later this year.

The following evening we joined with the ACMA to do a presentation in licencing and interference management for the Institute of Instrumentation and Control Automation (IICA) in Perth. There were around 40 IICA members present and it was an informative evening. Local ARCIA committee representatives, Rob Howes and Kathryn Askwith, were involved and will continue to work with IICA to further the relationship between our Associations.

It is very rewarding to be able to continue to build on the close working relationship between ARCIA and the ACMA on many levels. Our thanks to Danielle Head and Mark Tell for this opportunity.

The contents of the Perth presentation cover several areas and should be of interest to all wireless communications users. Download presentation here.