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Each year we are required under the legislation to hold an Annual General Meeting within 90-days of the end of the financial year. This year our AGM will be held via teleconference on Thursday 27 August starting at 2.00pm.

The agenda will include the following updates:

  • The Presidents report
  • Executive Officers report
  • Treasurers report

The meeting will also include the election of the Executive Team and twelve Committee members:

  • President (currently Hamish Duff)
  • Two Vice-presidents (currently Glenn Sneddon and Brad Welch)
  • Treasurer (currently Andrew Wyborn)
  • Secretary (currently Kathryn Millican)

The current Committee members are:

  • John La Cava, Graham Rallings, Phil Dowd, John Whittaker, Graham McAvinue and Neil Johnson from Queensland
  • Trevor Lee and Wayne Turnbull from New South Wales
  • Chris Stevens and David Britt from Victoria
  • Anthony Beresford from Western Australia, and
  • Mark Byford from South Australia

We also have several others who are ex-officio members of the committee. This means they are not elected, but are appointed by the committee to assist running the organisation. They are often members who have been active committee members previously, but who have stepped aside into an ex-officio role to enable new members to be appointed to the committee.

At present our ex-officio members are: 

  • From Queensland – Gary Botley, Denis Colbourne, Nick Stefanou and Anthony Blyth
  • From New South Wales – Roger Webber and Andrew Findlay
  • From South Australia – Daman Costello
  • From Western Australia – Rob Howes, and
  • From Victoria – Noel Higgins, Jamie Baker, Chris Stapleton and David Cox

The only items of general business that can be discussed at an AGM must be notified by a formal ‘Notice of motion’ presented to the committee at least fourteen (14) days prior to the AGM. As such we might occasionally discuss topics of common interest, but no actual business takes place at the meeting.

If you would like to be part of the committee to help run the association, please contact one of the committee members shown above, or send us an email. 

Nominations will close on Wednesday, 19 August 2020.