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The Perth Sundowner kicked off at the Shoe bar

On June 1st, over 30 industry professionals wandered along to the Shoe bar in Central Perth for another relaxing and enjoyable Sundowner. Many thanks to our two local organisers, Rob Howes and Anthony Beresford, for organising another great evening. Rob took the opportunity to outline some of the things that the Association will be doing over the coming months and outlined how the industry is travelling in Western Australia. We are really appreciative of the efforts that Rob puts into networking within the local industry in Perth—it is important for people to know that we do work together in many ways and that our problems are often being shared and solved by others. Networking is an important part of our ARCIA Mission and should not be underestimated.

The Perth Sundowner was attended by folks from Radlink, Simoco, Motorola and RFI, others were from Titian ICT, NEC, NextGEN. We caught up with Dane (who was previously UGL, CSE, and now on the Dampier-Bunbury Gas Pipeline comms team), Grant Kirby (lightning specialist), Peter from ADE engineering (Main roads intelligent freeways), several retirees (TAFE and Civil Aviation), Doug (Engineering Recruitment), and Dr Steven Tingley (Guest of Rob Howes), and Peter Head of Curtin University Radio Astronomy division (and who may be our next guest speaker at the Perth Dinner)! It was fantastic to see you all!

Images of people networking and a banner displaying partner logos at the ARCIA Perth Sundowner event in May