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Submit your entry for the International Critical Communications Awards 2022

The Critical Communications Association’s (TCCA) annual International Critical Communications Awards (ICCA) is happening in Vienna on 21st June, 2022. These awards recognise exceptional efforts in wireless system communications and are held in conjunction with the Critical Communications World 2022 conference. Last year, Vertel and Mobile Communications Systems were both recognised on this international stage for local communications systems.


Nominations are open for the ICCA 2022 awards, but must be submitted before the end of March 2022.
View the awards categories and submit your nomination today >>


These awards are an excellent opportunity to let the world know of the efficiency and technical skills within many of our industry members. Details for the nominations can be found here on the ICCA website, so we encourage you to take a look and possibly even nominate one or two of our excellent industry members.
A nomination alone helps to open the rest of the world up to the ideas and innovations that we Australians are renowned for!