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Every year the ACMA prepares the Five Year Spectrum Outlook (FYSO) document that outlines their work plans and gives advanced notification of changes that might be coming up.

ARCIA responds most years and we usually put forward our thoughts and review the proposals in areas that might be of concern to our industry. In the past we have used the FYSO to press our case for reductions in coverage areas for low-power systems and also with regard to licence fees. Over the past few years we have also lobbied for better access to wireless broadband spectrum for the implementation of private LTE systems on the understanding that many of the potential users of private LTE will already be clients of our members.

The current (draft) FYSO is available here on the ACMA website and it is pleasing to see that there are now several options opening up for spectrum allocations for local private LTE systems – great news for the future of our industry!

It has taken us several years to open the minds of both the Department of Communications and the ACMA to realise that not all applications can or will be met by the public carriers networks, so it is a comforting result for ARCIA.

Read ARCIA’s response to the latest FYSO >>

*Please note the title reflects that the draft FYSO 2021–26 covers the full 5 financial years from 2021–22 to 2025–26.