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A Successful Decade Gone, and A Great Future Ahead.

This year (and indeed the decade) seem to be rolling by faster than ever, and before we know it we will see the year 2020. By that time the Swans will have won two more AFL flags, the Wallabies will hold the Bledisloe Cup, the Socceroos will have won the World Cup and all of public safety will be on LTE.

Of course, all that we know for sure is that the future is wireless.

As new technology options arise, ARCIA will continue to advocate for and educate on the benefits of wireless technologies. You will see this in action firsthand at Comms Connect in Melbourne in November. It is a fantastic achievement by ARCIA and the Comms Connect team to assemble such a world-class line-up of people to discuss the future of public safety mobile broadband. ARCIA would like to thank everyone who is giving up their valuable time and travelling from around the world to participate in the event.

ARCIA will also be celebrating its 10th birthday during Comms Connect, and it is worth noting that the industry is indebted to all the individuals and partners that have put time and money into the association over the past 10 years. So much has happened in those years — we have a lot to be proud of, and we think we have a great future ahead.

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