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The ARCIA Academy: Increasing the skills and confidence of our industry personnel

Great progress has been made behind the scenes on the ‘ARCIA Academy’—our online Learning Management System (LMS)—to help improve the skills and capabilities of our industry people. Initially, the content offered will be technically oriented, however, as we continue to develop the system we are looking to have content applicable to all aspects of our industry. We believe that it’s important to increase the skills and confidence of our industry personnel to ensure that we can always maintain the best possible people to provide services and facilities to our clients.

We must never forget that the strength of our industry is the people who work with us. Skills enhancement is critical to us all.

NOTE: In the short term, we’ve put the ARCIA Lunchtime Learning program on hold to allow us to focus on getting the ARCIA Academy up and running.

Included in the LMS is the ability for those who have done courses at the ARCIA Academy (either online or in-person) to have them credited in a Skills Passport. This passport will be available to the individual as a composite record of training completed. We believe this will be a huge benefit to many who work in our industry, and should enable better evaluation of both skill levels and work experience. Our plan is that those who have previously done some of our Professional Development Training will be able to complete an assessment for those courses and have them added to their Skills Passport.

We are working feverishly to have the new system operating ahead of the proposed training day in Sydney in mid-June. Stay tuned!