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The 2023 ARCIA Annual General Meeting (AGM) is happening online at 5:15 pm AEST on Wednesday, August 23rd.

This means that our committee positions are open for nomination as well as our Office Bearers, so please give some thought to nominations for the committee—we are always keen to see new personnel being involved in the Association.

If you would like to be part of the committee, please contact one of the committee members shown below, or send us an email. But don’t delay, nominations close Friday, 18th August, 2023.

All are welcome to attend, simply contact us at [email protected] to request the meeting link.

The current Executive Team members are:

  • CEO, Paul Davis
  • President (currently Hamish Duff)
  • Two Vice-presidents (currently Chris Stevens and Gary Botley)
  • Executive Officer (currently Ian Miller)
  • Treasurer (currently Andrew Wyborn)
  • Secretary (currently Graham Rallings)
  • Project Officer (currently Geoff Spring)

The current Committee members are:

  • From Queensland: John La Cava, John Whittaker, Neil Johnson and Brad Welch
  • From New South Wales: Perin Hardie
  • From Victoria: Chris Stapleton, Troy Abel, David Britt and Glenn Sneddon
  • From Western Australia: Anthony Beresford, Rob Howes
  • From South Australia: Mark Byford