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ACMA updates the form for Compliance Statements as a result of changes to equipment rules

For radio equipment to be legally supplied and used on the electromagnetic spectrum in Australia, the supplier must ensure that the items comply with the relevant equipment standards and these requirements are now contained within ‘equipment rules’.  The actual testing of equipment is the responsibility of the organisation intending to import or supply the items, and they are legally required to provide a ‘Statement of Compliance’ to the ACMA. Organisations are also required to maintain a folder of the evidence or test results for those items to show they have been certified by an approved testing laboratory to meet the equipment rules.

This is an important part of making sure that the electromagnetic spectrum remains ‘fit for purpose’ and that equipment will not cause harmful interference to other legitimate communications systems. The ACMA has the power under legislation to request any equipment user, or their supplier, to provide evidence supporting equipment compliance and can request that the equipment use be discontinued until clarification is supplied. Under the recent changes to the legislation, the ACMA can also order an equipment supplier to recall equipment supplied without correct certification and compliance, at the supplier’s cost.

ARCIA strongly endorses the compliance regime and understands that it is a necessary part of making sure that the electromagnetic spectrum can provide ongoing benefits to many critical communications networks, both mission-critical as well as business-critical. With over 75,000 licensed services in the Land Mobile Radio spectrum, having a clean spectrum is an essential part of the Australian economy.

View the ACMA update on the ACMA website, which also includes a link to the new compliance form (Form C02: Supplier’s declaration of conformity).