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During the past month, ARCIA has responded to two papers from the ACMA seeking information of the 2 GHz band and the 3.7-4.2 GHz band, with our responses to both reflecting the need for dedicated spectrum for Wireless Broadband (WBB) for private LTE services as well as other fixed wireless applications. In all of these responses we acknowledge the requirements and positions of the public carriers seeking ever more spectrum, however, we continually try to put the case for private systems as well. In this case we have also contested the methodology of the ACMA using Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) to justify the highest value use of the spectrum, their data and calculations are based purely on the public carriers format of WBB and doesn’t recognise that benefits from other spectrum uses is reflected in enhancements to GDP being reflected further down the supply chain. Copies of the responses can be seen at our website and will also be listed on the ACMA website at a later date.