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The ACMA has released a report that examines the market for private wireless networks, with a focus on Australia.

These private wireless networks are deployed by companies and organisations for their private spectrum use and are either 4G long-term evolution or 5G networks. Details are available on the ACMA website.

Key developments

This market study identifies developments in private wireless networks in Australia. This includes:

  • The mining and resources sector having over 50 private wireless networks already in operation, with more in planning stages.
  • The rail sector deploying private wireless networks. State rail companies already own spectrum licences and are deployed or in advanced planning stages.
  • The agriculture sector investigating using private wireless networks.
  • The entertainment, advanced manufacturing and infrastructure sectors having an interest in using the private networks.

Key factors in deploying private wireless networks are: 

  • having a sound business case for digitising operations
  • assessing the cost and complexity of deploying a network at particular locations
  • securing spectrum at desired frequencies in particular locations
  • having access to a range of industrial-grade wireless equipment at suitable frequencies.

The report also examines the likely impact on spectrum demand and implications for the ACMA. Visit the ACMA website to learn more.