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ARCIA Committee Respond to ACMA FYSO.

For several years now the ACMA has issued an annual outlook document that gives an overview of the future work plans for the Authority, commonly known as FYSO. During the recent discussion on the review of the Radiocommunications Act, of which ARCIA was an active participant, there was a common thread from most parties that there needs to be a better way for the ACMA to report back to industry and stakeholders. Out of those discussions, it was agreed that the FYSO could be the best format to both indicate future work programs and regularly report on progress.

Late in 2017, the ACMA released an updated version of FYSO and sought comment on the proposed format and contents of the document. ARCIA’s Spectrum and Technical sub-committee reviewed the document and then circulated a draft response to the full committee for further input. The final version of our response was submitted to ACMA on 22 January 2018. The response can be viewed and represents quite a significant amount of work in the development of the requirements for the LMR industry.

ARCIA has been invited to be involved in a workshop with other stakeholders run by Department of Communications & Arts on 20 February 2018 to give more input on aspects of the new Radiocommunications Bill.

Wherever possible, ARCIA responds to the various discussion papers from the ACMA as well as being involved in multiple meetings with ACMA and Department staff each year. Read the full submission here.