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The 2021 ARCIA Industry Excellence Nominations have now closed.

ARCIA received over 45 nominations across all categories, a sign of the excellent work being done in our industry right across the country.

The 2021 awards ceremony will again be held online on Friday 10th December at 3:00pm AEDT, which is 2:30pm in Adelaide, 2:00pm in Brisbane, and 12:00pm in Perth. We hope that you will join us, either individually or as a group through your workplace or at a common location.



ARCIA Annual Industry Excellence Awards 2021 Nominees

Congratulations and good luck to the following nominees:
  1. Professional Sales Award:
    • Vincent Weston – Tait Communications
    • Ian Staples – Telechnics
    • Glen Norris – ORIONET
    • Adam Burridge – Simoco Wireless Solutions
    • Jane Perton – MCS Digital
  2. Customer Service Award:
    • Aimee Zhang – Radio Warehouse
    • Andrew Bradfield – Karera Communications
    • Kym Ryan – Mastercom
    • Brian Humphrey – Simoco Wireless Solutions
    • Kirsten Evans – MCS Digital
    • Chris Wallis – Telechnics
  3. Engineering Elegance Award:
    • Neil Shrowder – Simoco Wireless Solutions
    • Aleks Petreski – Harris Communications
    • Mick Hughes – Hypha
    • Ali Shams – MCS Digital
    • John Fisher – Simoco Wireless Solutions
    • Adnan Khan – Radlink Communications
  4. Technical Excellence Award:
    • Chris Bird – Simoco Wireless Solutions
    • Peter Drew – Mastercom
    • Phill Rogers – Radlink Communications
    • Grant Jamieson – Hypha
    • Casper Fry – Simoco Wireless Solutions
    • Houssam Hariri – MCS Digital
    • Mark Waite-Pullan – Telechnics
  5. New Talent Award:
    • Scott Mann – Radlink Communications
    • Brendan Spano – Telechnics
    • Anthony Miller – Simoco Wireless Solutions
    • Chris McGrath – Radlink Communications

ARCIA would also like to acknowledge two new Apprentice Technicians working in our industry an exciting development in the ever increasing challenge of finding good quality hard working Radio Technicians.

  • Apprentice Awards:
    • Toby Maughan – Radlink Communications
    • Thomas Gangi – Mastercom

We look forward to the annual awards and the opportunity to recognise some of the wonderful people who work in our industry.