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2017 Award Nominees.

Nominees for the 2017 Industry Excellence Awards presented at the Annual Industry Gala Dinner on 22 November are now available to view.

Each year, the Annual Industry Gala Dinner publicly recognises excellence through the Industry Excellence awards. All ARCIA members actively involved in the Australian radio communications industry are entitled to nominate and be nominated, provided that the Award criteria is satisfied. Members are invited to nominate via various channels such as LinkedIn, member updates and email notifications.

Determination of the award is based on specific criteria for each award, which incorporates the following:

  • Commitment -Provides a superior and sustained contribution to the promotion and growth of the Australia radio communications industry
  • Leadership – Demonstrates leadership excellence, encouraging ongoing improvement, learning and knowledge sharing in the workplace.
  • Innovation – Exhibits innovation or creativity, promoting operational resourcefulness and performance improvement.
  • Team work – Exemplifies excellence and integrity in workplace relationships and contributes to a respectful and collaborative work environment.
  • Service – Continually contributes to the maintainance and growth of customer relationships, ensuring individual and business practices encourage long-term customer relationships, repeat business and customer satisfaction.

The 2017 Nominees are:

Community Service Award

  • Aaron Gosschalk, Vertel
  • Lance Valcour, Insp (Ret) Canada Police
  • Eddie Sankey, CSE Tetracom
  • Connie Taylor, Simoco Wireless Solutions
  • Stephen Reining, JRD Communications Pty Ltd

Customer Service Award

  • Craig Yule, AARadio
  • Sheridan, Cuyler
  • Con Costi, Tait Communications
  • Rachel Hill, CSE Comsource
  • Ross Barling, Vertel
  • Cheryl Letton, Simoco Wireless Solutions
  • Sonia Anderson, Motorola Solutions
  • Layla Fennell, Progility Technologies
  • Robbie Allan, Gencom

Engineering Elegance Award

  • Peter Holmes, Zetron Australasia
  • Bryan Emery, Metwide Group
  • Riccardo Raiti, CSE Crosscom
  • Gavin Ridout, Gavin Ridout
  • Sylvester Singarayer, Vertel
  • Riccardo Raiti, CSE Crosscom
  • Casper Fry, Simoco Wireless Solutions
  • Ray Barnes, Wireless Innovation
  • Takashi Aomori, Icom (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • Jimmy Whelan, Radlink Communications
  • Neville Sleep, Polar Electronic Industries Pty Ltd
  • New Talent Award –
  • Sneha Dsouza, Motorola Solutions
  • Darren Macleod, Vertel
  • Alex Van Velden, CSE Comsource
  • Louise Barsley, Motorola Solutions
  • Richard Walsh, Icom (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • Erran Caddaye, Harris Communications

Technical Excellence Award

  • Dale Rowley, Zetron Australasia
  • Kin Hoon, CSE Crosscom
  • Damian Flack, CSE Crosscom Pty Ltd
  • Ashish Giri, Vertel
  • Dylan Mulholland, CSE Comsource
  • Pete Slovachevsky, Simoco Wireless Solutions
  • Ross Humphreys, Public Safety Business Agency
  • Rod Oliver, JRD Communications Pty Ltd
  • Simon Bradford, Radlink Communications
  • Peter Wallace – Industry professional of year – 
  • Bruce Quail – WA
  • Neil Huntley – NSW/ACT
  • Con Costi – Qld
  • Rod Dowling – SA/NT
  • Ben Czerniwicz – Vic/Tas