Celebrating Industry Excellence.

In 2011, ARCIA hosted the first National Industry Event, bringing together the radio communications industry and professionals from across Australia. Since the inaugural event, ARCIA has expanded the industry events to be hosted nationwide, catering for the growing number of members represented in each state.

Industry Gala Dinner

Each year, ARCIA hosts the annual Industry Gala Dinner to bring the radio communications industry together and publicly recognise excellence through its Industry Excellence awards and State Industry Professional of the Year Awards. ARCIA’s industry Gala Dinner is an exceptional opportunity for industry bodies and professionals to:


  • Provide an opportunity for radio industry professionals from across Australia to socialise and network in a non-competitive environment.


  • Publicly recognise industry excellence through awards such as the coveted Jonathan Livingston Award, which recognises lifetime achievement within the Australian radio communications industry.


  • Promote the initiatives and work of the Australian radio communication industry including industry professionals and small to large businesses.


  • Build and develop relations between communication authorities, industry companies and professionals in a relaxed environment.


  • Fund the ongoing work and development of the Australian Radio Communications Industry Association.


  • Enjoy an evening with important clients, partners or guests to celebrate and share first-hand the vibrancy of a flourishing industry.

Industry Awards Criteria

During the annual Industry Gala Dinner, ARCIA recognises and celebrates industry excellence with the awards presentations. Determination of an award is based on specific criteria (for each award), which incorporates the following:


  • Provides a superior and sustained contribution to the promotion and growth of the Australia radio communications industry.


  • Demonstrates leadership excellence, encouraging ongoing improvement, learning and knowledge sharing in the workplace.


  • Exhibits innovation or creativity, promoting operational resourcefulness and performance improvement.

Team Work

  • Exemplifies excellence and integrity in workplace relationships and contributes to a respectful and collaborative work environment.


  • Continually contributes to the maintenance and growth of customer relationships, ensuring individual and business practices encourage long-term customer relationships, repeat business and customer satisfaction.